Become a Display Location,

Get Free Hand Sanitizer for your Business!


Hand sanitizer is a great addition to almost any business. When placed in high-traffic areas, hand sanitizer reduces germs while welcoming customers. Clean Display’s solid oak display units and automatic Purell dispensers are durable and easy to move.


Benefits to Display Locations:  

  • Unit provided at no cost
  • 12 hand sanitizer packs included
  • Batteries included
  • Installation assistance
  • Maintenance support
  • Supports your local economy!


Restaurants are popular display locations because most customers want to clean their hands. Dispensers also work in a variety of businesses and public places, especially medical centers, libraries, school campuses, retail and office centers, and more. Contact us to learn more and for a free consultation for your business.

Current Display Location?


To request hand sanitizer refills or to report an issue please call Clean Display customer service at 877-251-4592.

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